Exclusive interview with King western Nigeria, Damilola Ayobami

1. Can we meet you ?
I am ayobami Damilola, studying political science education in the university of Ibadan, first of three siblings, an entrepreneur, music producer and a model among other endeavors.

2.What inspired you to go into pageantry?
Life basically, the world of pageant is a small version of life in general, it comes with obstacles and stages. I realised that Nigeria generally just started growing In the right sense of fashion, and as an enthusiast, I wanted to contribute to speeding up of trends then I realised that I needed to be an authority which was equivalent to making a name in the industry.

3. Did you ever have the premonition ofwinning and how did you feel when you emerged king western Nigeria 2018?
Premonition is quite strong, I would rather say optimistic.
I felt happy when I won, its an achievement I will always Cherish for the rest of my life.

4.what is your regret since you have startedcontesting?
I basically have no regrets at the moment.

5.How as being a pageant king affected your life? Also how you have given back to the society?
Like I said earlier, pageant is a small version of real life… Pageant has helped me to man over obstacles and overcome some challenges. I can say that every tour I have gone as the face of western Nigeria, I have been able to inspire people through little gifts, public speaking amongst other stuffs.

6.what were the position(s) of your parentswhen you went into beauty contest?‎
They both understand passion. They didn’t distract me

7.What advice would you give to an aspiringmodel/pageant king?
Stay strong, expect humongous obstacles, be optimistic and confident

Exclusive interview with King western Nigeria, Damilola Ayobami Exclusive interview with King western Nigeria, Damilola Ayobami

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